The ‘Thank You’ Project

Often times, my mom asks me the question, “What has God been teaching you lately?” and we both fall into an endless conversation of how He has been working so beautifully in our lives. We share our struggles, and the blessing He has sent, as well as the trials He has allowed us to face, and how through us, He has emerged victorious over the enemy.

Me and my mom! :)

I love how, over time, my mom has become more like one of my bestfriends – a sister – whom I could talk to about anything. And just today, we got to talking about what God has been teaching us, again.

Surprisingly, He’s been teaching the both of us how to be more thankful. I am learning from the example of Job, in the Bible, and my mom is learning from this book:

The Good and Beautiful God by James Bryan Smith :)

Apparently, the author of this book has started a ‘thank you’ list where he has been writing down all the things that he thanks God for. Sounds simple, right? And it is. What struck me was another thing that the author shared, and that was that his list had already reached the ten thousands.


If you can remember, before Jesus died, He asked his Father if “this cup” could be taken away from Him. But “not my will, but your will be done,” He said.

“God knows what’s best for us.”

We hear this countless times, but find it very hard to grasp because a lot of times we feel very much without, when it comes to God’s love. In this world, people have the tendency to look at what we don’t have as compared to what God has already so graciously given us. And we can’t help it. It’s human nature. BUT what God made me realize is that what we can help, is how thankful we are.

The more we begin to look at God and how much He loves us, and provides for us, the less we see of what we do not have. So, I want to start my own thank you project where I will keep posting what I want to thank God for. And in a few days time, who knows how many I’ll think of. Imagine if I went on for years!

Alright, let’s begin.


1. Thank you Lord, for dying on the cross to save me from my sin.

2. Thank you for giving me a wonderful childhood.

3. Thank you for putting a roof over my head.

4. Thank you for the soft feather pillow that I have.

5. Thank you for the yummy tuyo I had for breakfast with vingear and patis.

6. Thank you for a tropical climate! That way, even if I eat a lot, I sweat it all off. HAHAHA

7. Thank you for my puppy. :)

8. Thank you for waking me up every morning.

9. Thank you for the cool breeze that just came through the window right now.

10. Thank you for our cute van.

11. Thank you for giving me a table beside my bed. You know how much I love working on my bed. <3

12. Thank you for giving me a mini library under my bed.

13. Thank you for the two new books I bought this summer.

14. Thank you for generous relatives.

15. Thank you for giving me sleep.

16. Thank you for waking me up every morning, so that I’m not late for school.

17. Praise the Lord! for air-conditioning!

18. Thank you for allowing me to pass both of my Math exams!

19. Thank you from the impromptu sleepover I just had with my cousins.

20. Thank you Lord for pizza and how yummy it tastes.

21. Thank you Lord for toothbrushes. I just hate the feeling of plaque-y teeth.

22. Thank you Lord for jeepneys. If there were none, I’d always be late for class.

23. Thank you for my chucks. They look old, but they get me through almost everyday.

24. Thank you for the snooze button. Whoever invented it is a genius.

25. Thank you for last night’s super moon!

26. Thank you Lord, for allowing me to feel your love that surpasses all understanding, brings me to tears, and makes me want to dance for joy! :)

27. Thank you for giving me joy in the midst of heartbrokenness.

28. Thank you for music.

29. Thank you for the freedom of expression.

30. Thank you for my rough, man looking hands. HAHAHAHA

31. Thank you for load to text.

32. Thank you for signal!

33. Thank you Lord for sun unlitext! HAHA!

34. Thank you for the money that paid for all the materials I need for school.

35. Thank you for alarm clocks.

36. Thank you for shades!

37. Thank you for this big-ass fan that’s keep the whole room cool.

38. Thank you for long walks.

39. Thank you Lord for glasses! Without them… gosh… I’d be blind!

40. Thank you for repairing my heart every time is breaks.

41. Thank you for lotion!

42. Thank you Lord for the menthol paste thingy my mom gave me. Haha!

43. Thank you for bestfriends like Nicki, who let me sneak into their house early in the morning to take a shower and sleep before my next class.

44. Thank you for bestfriends like Mico, who drive all the way to my house to pick me up for a long day of fuuun.

45. Thank you Lord, for Autumn. Who texts me that she loves me, even if she’s so far far far awaaay in the States!

46. Thank you for friends like Josh, who say that they always miss me. Haha!

47. Thank you Lord for D12!

48. Thank you Lord for giving me a D12 leader who is always there, and easy to approach, and fun, and funny and hyper! HAHA!

49. Thank you Lord for fooooood!

50. Thank you for the lamb that we ate for dinner tonight!

51. Thank you for cold showers.

52. Thank you for heaters when I want a warmer shower.

53. Thank you Lord, for internet!

54. Thank you for JD! Who never fails to talk to me and make me smile at the end of the day. :)

55. Thank you for SINGLENESS! Hahahahahahahahaha

56. Thank you for my barkada in school.

57. Thank you for all the moments of fun that we’ve shared together.

58. Thank you for the pizza we ate a while ago.

59. And for the laughs that we shared.

60. Thank you for my lovely booooks.

61. Thank you Lord for the freedom to praise you in the Philippines!

62. Thank you Lord for giving me energy everyday.

63. And the will to get up every morning.

64. Thank you Lord, for giving purpose to my life. :)

65. Thank you Lord, for that special someone that you already have reserved for me! <3

66. Thank you Lord, for Facebook. HAHAHAHAHA

67. Thank you Lord for allowing me to disciple my own group in church.

68. Thank you for giving my girls the heart to listen and love You.

69. Thank you for letting us have so much fun!

70. Thank you Lord for giving me a passion for art.

71. And the burden to reach out to others.

72. Thank you Lord for light!

73. Thank you Lord for my metal Bible.

74. Thank you Lord for my planner from Patrick!

75. Thank you Lord for Jzone and how it has blessed my life so much.

76. Thank you for Baby Psalm! :) :) Who I am so exited to meet!

77. Thank you for elevators.

78. Thank you for stairs..

79. And the willingness to climb them! Hahahah!

80. Thank you Lord for Disney, and Pixar, and Dreamworks, and all those other movie producing companies.

81. Thank you Lord for movies!

82. Thank you for movie houses!

83. Thank you for the movie house seats that lean back! Hahahaha!

84. Thank you Lord, for my not-so-little, 11 year old sister, Kaila.

85. And her beautiful voice.

86. Also Ryan, my 8 year old brother!

87. And how they, more than anyone else, make me feel worth it. :)

88. Thank you Lord, for giving me a dad who taught me how to cook, and do the laundry, and banking, and paying the bills, and how to commute, and clean electric fans, and paint, and fix electric wires, and almost everything else. HAHAHAHA

89. Thank you for a dad who isn’t perfect. :)

90. Thank you for a mom who isn’t perfect either! <3

91. Thank you I’m not perfect!

92. Thank you for helping me see Your amazing grace more and more each day.

93. Thank you for a mom who always wants the house to be clean!

94. Thank you for our cute house.

95. Thank you for the cold marble floors.

96. Thank you for our clean bathroom!

97. And for the storage place under the stairs where we can hide all our kalat!

98. Thank you for our turtles, Auto and Rock.

99. Thank you for my iPod. It has gotten me through some pretty tough times.

100. Thank you Lord for providing for my needs.

101. Thank you Lord, for granting me my desires as well!


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