Up In the Air (The Big 2.0.)



After all the years of being a teen, you finally start to think if what you’ve been doing is “right”: how you dress, how you speak. I don’t know if all of you other 19-going-on-20’s are experiencing the same thing, but it is kind of weird. It’s like the teen age suddenly spit you out and the grown-up age is starting to tell you to grow up faster, which is kind of confusing – like you’re homesick and yet your home is no longer where it used to be.

Should I still paint my toe-nails blue?
All the anklets on my left leg… Do I take them off now?
Should I still wear jeans and big t-shirts?
Should I change the layout of my blog again?

Stuff like that.

I mean, I know 16 year olds who dress older than I do. My hands look like super sized 6 year old’s hands. Fingernails always cut so short so that I wouldn’t get tempted to bite at them.
When I was in third year highschool, people thought I was in third year college. And now that I am in third year college, people are starting to think that I’m younger than that because of how I look. And I’m not sure if that is supposed to be a good thing or a bad thing.




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