“The Sound of Love”

What is love?

I think that the mistake that a lot of us make in life is that we try to make love something so complicated. Some of us don’t even believe that it exists anymore. Or we restrict love into being something that is only read about in books or seen in movies… It’s like we rob ourselves from the beauty of it all, because we deprive ourselves from having a relationship with the Ultimate Being of Love.

“The Sound of Love”; The Great Escape (Jeff Lucas)

The Sound of Love, is the first released single of Filipino singer/songwriter, Jeff Lucas, from his upcoming album The Great Embrace. And just like the title of this blog is ordinarilyspecial, the lyrics of the song go…

“Let this ordinary feeling 
Be a little extraordinary
Why don’t you try 
To feel a little more beautiful inside 
Open your eyes 
‘Cause everyone needs to listen to the sound of love..”

Because everyone needs that extraordinary love in their lives – a love that only God can offer. He created love, and just like every love story has an author, He is one as well. That is why we call him the Author of Love. And as followers of He who loves unconditionally, we are called to love the same way.

So, give the song a listen! Watch out for The Great Embrace, and spread the sound of love! :)

If you’re interested to know more about the artist, check out these links!


Artist’s Bio:

Jeff Lucas is a Filipino singer/songwriter from the Philippines.


At the age of 11, he discovered his passion for music. He taught himself how to play the guitar while listening to different artists, such as John Mayer, Dave Matthews Band, Sting, Gin Blossoms, Goo Goo Dolls, Hootie and the Blowfish, and Vertical Horizon. He developed his songwriting skills, and composed his first song at the age of 14. Since then, he knew that he wanted to be a musician.

In his high school years, he became an active member of “Jzone” (Jesus Zone), the Youth Ministry of CCF (Christ’s Commission Fellowship). In 2004, he was given the opportunity to write the theme song for Jzone, which became an eye-opener in his life. This experience led him to a new direction, wherein he focused on composing Christian songs. He believed that it is a gift revealed to him by God. Although throughout his college years, he started drifting away from church and ministry.

In 2009, God led him back to church. He slowly attended bible studies and started serving again in the music ministry. In this spiritual revival, his passion for Christian music rekindled. In the same year, together with his church mates, they formed the band called DOKI. He was one of their guitarists and co-songwriters, and one of his compositions was chosen to be their first single.

In 2011, he applied for the Feast of Tabernacles in Israel, and was accepted to be part of the orchestra. During this time, God confirmed in his heart that he was called to do music and missions. With the band’s blessing, he left DOKI and continued to write more Christian songs. At the start of 2012, he was given the privilege to be a regular worship leader in CCF, which he believed was a way of preparing and building his faith on God’s calling for him.

In October 2012, he began recording his upcoming Christian album, The Great Embrace, which consists of songs he wrote since 2004. His vision is to spread the love of Jesus through his music. His first single “The Sound Of Love” talks about the importance of what love really is. In the Bible, we are called to love God and love people. And the sound of love is God Himself. He will be releasing The Great Embrace on June 2013.


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