To Whom It May Concern:

So….I have this book: “To Whom It May Concern.”

Title Page

It is something that I had wanted to do for a long time, and finally took this year as a time to begin writing it.

Basically, it is a collection of letters I have written and am writing to whomever special person this will concern in the future. :) In simpler terms, it’s stuff that I write to my future husband. 


“You already know who I am, so I don’t think that introductions are of great need..”

It’s funny how I actually started writing, and it’s not because I want to be all cheesy and tokwa (although that’s how it’s starting to appear HAHA) But it was so that I would not be distracted by any of the other guys that came my way, unless I knew that he was the one that God reserved specially for meeee! Because it is a struggle, and I humbly (HAY) admit that.

"GB list"

I am not allowing myself to show everything in this book, because I want it to be something that only he will eventually read, but there are some insights that I really wanted to share, specifically the letter I wrote to him about 1 Corinthians 13:4-7; aka the verses that talk about one of our most favorite topics, which is: loooove.

Love is patient, love is kind,…. love is, A LOT of things, but one of the things that God really impressed upon me was that LOVE IS NOT PROUD.


“When you are at fault, say sorry. When you are NOT at fault, say sorry.”

 I cannot stress enough how important this is. People tend to point fingers at each other, and arguments get worse, when all that is needed is a simple, heartfelt,

Will you please forgive me?

It’s hard, I know. And I have had to kill my pride time and time again, because I know that it is the right thing to do. It also NEVER gets easier. Haha! But one thing that I realized is that when you love someone the way God loves you, and if you remember that you should love God even more than that person, you can never, ever, go wrong.


You may be the type who’s looking for the exciting kind of love, that is all hearts and flowers – HELLO! I’m also like that! HAHA – but I have finally come to the realization that to achieve that, you have to be in love with Jesus first. In any love-connected situation. Otherwise, you will miss out on what it truly means and feels like to be in love.


The “dedication” portion of my book (at the beginning) has this written on it:


“This book is first and foremost, dedicated to the author of LIFE & LOVE, Jesus Christ.”

Because no matter what I do or say, I can never take credit (Love is not Boastful) for what God will so beautifully orchestrate. 

Dedication #2

“And secondarily to You, the LOVE of my LIFE, whomever you may turn out to be.”

I may not be 100% sure of who he is going to be yet… don’t get me wrong, I have prospects (HAHA). But it’s going to be better than all the movies. 

And that I am SURE of :)


So here’s to you, my love. For loving me despite all the complications of having to understand me. And for never giving up. I love you. :)

– To Whom It May Concern; Foreword


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