Up In the Air (The Big 2.0.)

  After all the years of being a teen, you finally start to think if what you’ve been doing is “right”: how you dress, how you speak. I don’t know if all of you other 19-going-on-20’s are experiencing the same thing, but it is kind of weird. It’s like the teen age suddenly spit you … Continue reading

Pursuit of Happiness

I am redeemed. I could choose to wallow in self pity, I could be bitter, and be hurt and alone, and I’d be fine with that. But God wouldn’t. Because just like love, bitterness and apathy – to have joy is a choice. And so I choose to have joy, instead of the ever generic … Continue reading

The story of why I feel so bad (part 1):

Alone. What do you think of when you hear that word? Lots of people think of the daunting silence of being alone. No one to talk to, to laugh with,… A room with four walls, totally empty. I think of a vast amount of space in a field somewhere, where you can actually see tall, … Continue reading